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Did you know that if you cried as a baby, that you can easily learn HOW to SING? All you need to do is understand how your body works as a musical instrument and reteach yourself some good vocal habits that might have been lost when you learned to mimic the speech patterns of those around you. Yes, it is that easy. Some singers find the singing and vocal process easy and natural, others have to practice a little more, but either way you can easily and affordably FIND YOUR SINGING VOICE.

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There are many singing lessons courses out there that provide vocal exercises and run you through a mimicking process, but very few of those will teach you to apply that singing work to actual songs. The SingSMART, Not Hard™ Vocal Training Method is different. How? By using a learning process called the Ten Steps to Singing Success ™ you learn HOW to listen to the sound you are creating, HOW to analyze what your body is feeling, and HOW to make simple adjustments to get the sound you desire.

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"When you SingSMART™, Singing is Easy...
and Singing is Easy when you follow the TEN STEPS to SINGING SUCCESS™"

Ten Steps to Singing Success.  Step-by-step Singing LessonsWhat are the 10 Steps to Singing Success ™?

The Ten Steps to Singing Success™ is the easy learning process of the SingSMART, Not Hard™ Vocal Training Method. By following this ten step process you will become a SMART singer, a singer that can sing any song, any style, any time. Avoid vocal blowout, laryngitis and all other singing troubles by understanding what YOU are doing to cause them in the first place. Learn to make simple adjustments in your technique to avoid them from happening again.

Each learning step has a foundation core concept, designed to build upon what has already been learned. These concepts can be used when singing any song, any style. The SingSMART, Not Hard™ Method and step-by-step Vocal Training Tools teach HOW to identify, manipulate, coordinate and balance the mechanisms you have at your disposal. Learning to use this information to your advantage will provide full control to the artist in you.

"Imagine...instead of being limited by vocal challenges, you can perform freely with technical and stylistic confidence, limited only by your own creativity and imagination."

Vocal Coach Yvonne DeBandi, BME
Creator of the SingSMART, Not Hard Vocal Training Method
and Ten Steps to Singing Success Vocal Training Tools

HOW TO SING in 10 Easy Steps

How to Sing Step 01 - PreprationHOW TO SING STEP 01 - Preparation
Tuning the mind, body and spirit.

Singing is as much a mental and emotional activity as it is a physical one. In this Singing Step you will learn how to analyze your body and find those personal actions that continually sabotage your performance. Most of them feel natural to each singer, because they are habits that we have carried with us forever. Learn to identify those bad habits and how to make fast and easy, simple adjustments to free your voice and create your best sound. 9 times out of 10, when an accomplished singer has a "bad voice" day, choices made in this foundation step are the cause. How well do you know your vocal instrument?

How to Sing - Step 02HOW TO SING STEP 02 - Airflow
Breathing for Singing.

If you have ever studied singing in any capacity, then somewhere along the way you have heard how important breathing is to singing, but did you REALLY learn HOW or WHY? Can you visualize what is going on inside your body that creates that valuable power source? This very important singing foundation and vocal training step breaks everything down into words, pictures and vocal exercises to help you get the full picture. Are you using your body's power source to breathe life into your instrument?

How to Sing - Step 03HOW TO SING STEP 03 Tone Creation
Best Tone for Least Effort.

It's very simple. If you are struggling to sing a note, any note, you are working way too hard to sing. This singing step helps you identify, through simple actions, how your body and vocal instrument is "meant" to sing each note. Just like a note is played on a violin by placing a finger on a certain string, or a trombone player uses his slide to create a certain pitch, YOUR VOICE is designed to easily create every single pitch. Can you sing every note without struggling?

How to Sing - Step 04HOW TO SING STEP 04 Support
Diaphragm Strength, Flexibility and Stamina.

Your diaphragm is a muscle. This muscle supports and directs your airflow (the power source of your vocal instrument). Learning how to use this muscle to your advantage increases your efficiency when singing. Actively using this muscle when singing will help you sing longer notes and phrases, sing more easily (especially on higher notes) and is vital to the process if you want to avoid vocal blowout. Singers that don't know how to use the diaphragm to its fullest tend to use the muscles in their throat to try to accomplish the job. It NEVER works, at least not for long. Can you sing for hours without losing your voice?

How to Sing - Step 05HOW TO SING STEP 05 Resonation
Giving Life to your Vocal Tone

Have you ever noticed that some singers have crytstal clear or warm and rich tones that carry across the room, while others have a tone that kind of falls flat, falls short, and just doesn't seem to have the same kind of energy or life to it? Resonation is the key to the "substance" of your vocal tone. When sound frequencies are created, they actively move and dance around whatever space they are given. Learning to use the spaces inside your body efficiently, where these frequencies can oscillate ("dance around") during the singing process is a key factor to what separates the elite singers from those that stuggle with lifeless, uninteresting tones. Does your singing tone have audience members mesmerized...or have they had enough after a couple of notes?

How to Sing - Step 06HOW TO SING STEP 06 Tone Placement
Learn to "Steer" the Vocal Machine.

Tone Placement is the art of placing the resonating frequencies you created in Step 05, in the most efficient place within your body to create the desired pitch. Have you ever noticed that instruments in an orchestra or band are all different sizes and produce different pitch ranges? If you are not sure, think about a tuba and a picollo (small flute). The tuba is one of the largest instruments and plays lower notes, the picollo is a tiny instrument and plays higher notes. Humans are lucky enough to have the entire orchestra built into their body - meaning we have both large and small spaces where we can direct the resonating frequencies in order for them to MOST EASILY sound out the pitches we are singing.

This singing lessons method teaches both vertical and horizontal tone placement - something other methods and lessons fail to even mention.Vertical placement is what was just touched upon above. Horizontal tone placement is best and most easily described this way in one sentence: the best choice to drive a car is sitting behind the steering wheel, yet most inexperienced and untrained singers drive the car while trying to sit in the back seat. If you don't get this analogy, you could benefit from these lessons. Are you actively steering your vocal tones in the right direction or are you crashing into every pothole around?

How to Sing - Step 07HOW TO SING STEP 07 SMART Choices
Putting the Triple Threat Technique into Full Action.

This singing foundation step is all about putting the vocal mechanics learned in previous steps into positive and subconscious action, basically multi-tasking the good habits learned and making the best choices available to get your best sound. This is done by Observing, Identifying and Adjusting, the very core concept of being a SMARTsinger™.

Do you know how to make the necessary adjustments to get your BEST SOUND, with the LEAST AMOUNT OF EFFORT? We'll show you. At first these steps involve conscious action, but many of the adjustments will become subconscious behavior with repetition. This means that when you feel or hear something that is "out of balance" making your singing harder, the learned process and muscle memory will begin to make automatic adjustments. With a little practice this makes singing any song very easy!

How to Sing - Step 08HOW TO SING STEP 08 Your Signature Sound
Mastering Complete Vocal Control and Defining Your Style.

Every voice is unique, just like every fingerprint. This is because each of us have vocal cords that are uniquely shaped and sized along with the spaces in our bodies that are uniquely shaped and sized. Not sure what that means? In simplest terms -- some of us have bigger mouths and bigger noses. There is a lot more involved than that, but this helps most students get the picture. Obviously, this is unlike orchestral instruments produced in a warehouse assembly line, each exactly alike. This singing step is all about how to explore how to use your personal vocal instrument to sing the music that is in your head and heart. Whether you want to stick to one style or be able to sing them all, you can become a complete vocal master with a unique vocal signature all your own!

How to Sing - Step 09HOW TO SING STEP 09 Vocal Performance
Polishing Your Vocal Fingerprint and Visual Impression.

This singing step concentrates on how to best share your vocal gifts with an audience, whether it is on stage or in a recording studio. Vocal performance, whether you want to sing in colliseums, karaoke stages, worship services or on YouTube, this is all about the final polish of the vocal instrument masterpiece.

How to Sing - Step 10HOW TO SING STEP 10 Vocal Maintenance
Use it Well or Lose it.

As you may have guessed by reading above, singing involves multi-tasking with muscle involvement. Like any sport or activity involving physical fitness, it is important to exercise your skills to maintain the elite level. This method makes vocal maintenance easy and fun, not a mundane and boring chore!

Things Every Singer Should KnowDo I have to study the Singing Steps in Order?

When it comes to singing, learning and practicing information in a certain order, while developing a strong vocal foundation and balance of skills, makes a huge difference on how fast you advance to elite levels. Despite this fact, we know that singers often concentrate on areas they believe they need or think important. If you fall in this category, just be sure to do the pre-requisite lesson first. Without having the knowledge provided by this informational lesson, there will be a lot of analogies and explanations that may not make sense to you.

Things Every Singer Should Know
Suggested Pre-Requisite Lesson

Where can I learn HOW TO SING with the 10 Steps to Singing Success™

Learn How to Sing from A2ZThe Ten Steps to Singing Success™ process is available in several different training tools - some providing the amount of detail appropriate for beginners and some providing very detailed lesson information appropriate for both beginners and advanced singers. Many singers have claimed that they learned more from this series of lessons than they did from years of private lessons.

Many cases this is because private lessons only focus on coaching singers to sing specific songs and not actual vocal mechanic training. Without an organized curriculum or daily classes outlined with vocal mechanic lesson plans, it will take you YEARS (if ever) to learn all the details through private singing lessons and a ton of money. If you treat singing like any other subject you learn in school: studying the information and then putting that knowledge into active assignments, you will become an elite singer in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost.

We have an easy and affordable solution to this plight. Now you can get access to ALL of the SingSMART™ Training Tools for one low monthly cost! The A2Z Smart Music Academy™ now offers an easy-to-surf ONLINE WEB CAMPUS that will provide you everything you need to sing at your best, and you don't have to do it alone. With interactive assignments, quizzes and web forms you can test your own knowledge all while being monitored by Expert Music Teacher and Vocal Coach Yvonne DeBandi, BME. And if you have a question or need additional help, your answers and assistance are just a Help Desk ticket away (Help Desk accessed from your private registration area. Tickets go directly to Coach Yvonne!).

And, if you have a bit of techno savvy, you can also join the training on the 3D Virtual Campus - once you understand the 3D Concept, it makes learning to sing even easier and more fun!

What else is different about this singing lessons method and training opportunity?

You get access to the creator, Yvonne DeBandi, BME, to ask questions and participate and interactive and live training. This is done using an easy-to-surf ONLINE SINGING ACADEMY or you can visit "face-to-face" on the 3D VIRTUAL ACADEMY CAMPUS for private lessons, master classes and additional interactive training. That's not all...when you feel ready, you can perform in front of other students and even in front of an International Audience, giving you the opportunity for a worldwide fan base. It's revolutionary and should cost a lot of money considering all of the included benefits, but it is QUITE AFFORDABLE. In fact, you can participate for about the same amount of money you would spend on a gourmet cup of coffee a week. If you love to sing and want to improve your singing voice, register now or read on for more detailed information.



How to Sing with Voice Lessons by Vocal Coach Yvonne DeBandiThis unique opportunity is provided by Vocal Coach Yvonne DeBandi, BME, and is revolutionary in nature. Using interactive forms on the easy-to-surf ONLINE WEB CAMPUS and with the help of SecondLife.com, the VIRTUAL CAMPUS provides interactive "face-to-face" training, along with master classes on important singing techniques, performance classes for those that need a little help getting onto the actual stage, AND some very unique training examples provided through 3D interaction with every day objects. You can CHOOSE whether to use one campus for your vocal training and practice, or BOTH. Access to both campuses is included with your registration.

Need a little help with vocal exercise? No problem! Join Vocal Coach Yvonne DeBandi, BME on the virtual campus for a fun Vocal Exercise Run at the Vocal Fitness Fun Park! You will never look at vocal exercise the same again.

Don't worry if the VIRTUAL CAMPUS is outside your comfort zone, the ONLINE CAMPUS still provides more training, at an affordable cost, than you will find anywhere else. Why so affordable? It's true. Compared to the cost of other training programs and online schools, you should have to pay HUNDREDS in tuition, but Coach Yvonne DeBandi, BME, simply wants to share the joy of singing and provide singers opportunies she wishes were available to her when she was a training singer. Today's technology makes these affordable options possible, it is as simple as that.

Keep in mind that this isn't the first revolutionary project Coach Yvonne has created. In 1999 she began the A2Z Vocal Educational Network. After turning her own training programs into downloads, she partnered with quality coaches around the world, converting their book and audio courses to downloads as well. For many years, you could not get these downloads anywhere else but through this educational network. When downloads became common place and these same coaches were able to provide downloads on their own sites, Coach moved on to develop a more interactive way for singers around the world to get the training they desired: the A2Z Smart Music Academy™.

Coach continues to work professionally as a singer herself. In 2009-2012 she performed around 325 gigs every year, in 2013 she wowed audiences with double shows for 8 hours of straight singing on a regular basis and currently sings about 20 shows a week in the virtual world known as SecondLife.com. Coach believes it important to practice what she teaches, this number of professional performances, continues to test the SingSMART™ theories and the ability to SingSMART™, never losing her voice. In 2013 she did a record number of 8-hour gigs, putting the same theories to the test.

While the joy of singing and performing is important to Coach Yvonne, teaching others with the same passion seems to bring her even more satisfaction and is known for producing healthy WORKING singers - whether you are looking to sing for a living in your local area or are reaching for a grammy.

Sign up today and get a true picture of what working online, interactively, with a vocal coach can do for you. It is easy to register and you can cancel your registration at anytime, so there is absolutely no risk to you!


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Yvonne DeBandi, BME, is the creator of the SingSMART, Not Hard™ Vocal Training Method, The Ten Steps to Singing Success Training Process and author of Singing is Easy!™, You Can Sing with Impact™ and Affordable Singing Lessons™.

Vocal Coach Yvonne DeBandi
The vocal teacher that sings professionally and wants to share the knowledge and joy of singing with you! Learn More.

Private Singing Lessons Online via Skype with Coach Yvonne

Vocal Coach Yvonne DeBandi offers training privately and through the A2Z Smart Music Academy both with an online and a virtual campus. You can also download her coaching programs for self-study.

Working with Vocal Coach Yvonne is easy and affordable. The downloadable products along with the online campus and virtual campus (A2Z Smart Music Academy) provide opportunities for questions and answers, master classes, and written detailed explanations through the Academy Student Help Desk, but if you still want the personal touch you can easily train privately with Coach Yvonne no matter where you are in the world. The only requirement is you must speak English and you must have SKYPE installed on your computer.

If you are not familiar with Skype it is a free software installation that allows for voice and video chat. Voice chat is acceptable, although video chat is the most popular form of training through this medium.

Click the chat widget to begin a Skype Chat with Coach Yvonne and set up your first lesson! If she is not currently online or with a student, she will respond to you as soon as possible.

Lessons are $50.00 for an hour and $30.00 1/2 hour. Payment in advance required.


What is included with Academy Registration?

You will find everything you need to LEARN HOW TO SING on both A2Z Smart Music Academy™ campuses, in fact you get access to ALL of the SingSMART™ Training Tools, along with exercise, practice and performance singing departments so you can put your singing into action:

Learn How to Sing from A2Z LEARN HOW TO SING

A variety of training tools are provided. So no matter what your current level or your preferred learning method (reading, listening or hands-on), you will find what you need to succeed.

The programs provided all compliment each other and offer a long-term training option. Because some singing concepts are understood based upon your experience level, you will find that reading the same lesson one year after you begin your training will provide EVEN MORE insight than it did the first time.

Small but Powerful
Get the Simple and Fast Facts

Learn How to Sing with Affordable Singing Lessons


Singing Lessons Book
Audio Files
Interactive Software v1
Interactive Software v2

Medium and Meaty
Perfect for Every Level

You Can Sing with Impact and Power!


Exercise Guidebook
Audio Instruction
Audio Exercises
Interactive Software

Large & Detailed
Organized 10 Step Lessons

Singing Lessons Easy


Singing is Easy 200+ Page Book
Audio Instruction
Audio Exercises
Interactive Software

Super Size
Everything Singing in Detail

Singing Lessons Easy


Over 100 Singing Lessons
and Included Audio Files
Interactive Training System
Interactive Training Quizzes

A2Z Library
Additional Information

Singing Lessons Easy


AdditionalTips & Lessons
Music Theory Information
Ebooks on Singing &
Music History


Vocal exercises are to singers as physical exercises are to athletes. Very simply, there are muscles and coordinated actions involved that require practice. Simply singing songs will not get you to the elite levels you desire, because they do not involve the repetition needed to complete the goal. Not doing vocal exercises will keep you from reaching your potential -- why would you want to do that when only fifteen minutes a day will make such a huge difference?

Keep in mind, we understand that exercising your voice is usually not the number one priority of singers - generally speaking, singers want to practice songs and get on the stage. We get it, the creators of the A2Z Smart Music Academy™ are professional singers too, not just those that teach it. In fact, the dynamic vocal exercise programs offered within the Academy were created for personal use, but because the students that were introduced to the systems showed such immediate advancement, they were designed into easy-to-use systems for the A2Z Smart Music Academy™. Read below to get an idea of what we are talking about!

Do the Daily Vocal Exercise
Routine that Coach Does!

Learn How to Sing Vocal Exercises

Change Your Key and Tempo
From Pop to Opera!

Dynamic Vocal Exercises - Change Key and Tempo

Not JUST for Kids
Follow the Bouncing Ball!

Vocal Exercises for Kids and Adults

Easy Access to 45 Minute
Daily Warm-up Workout

You Can Sing with Impact and Power!

Easy Access to
Singing is Easy Exercises

Singing Lessons Easy


And that's NOT ALL! Find additional vocal exercises to accomplish specific singing challenges within the Vocal Training Courses, including the VERY POPULAR Fast and Funky 8.5 Vocal Routine that is preferred by Karaoke Singers and Classroom Teachers!


There is nothing like the joy of singing songs you love! The A2Z Smart Music Academy™ provides professional vocal performance tracks to practice your skills and increase your repertoire.

Both Classic and Popular Commercial Songs included, with new songs added on a regular basis. Our recording and arranging team even considers your song suggestions when they are creating new tracks, so don't hesitate to make a request!


Learn How to Sing from A2ZVOCAL PERFORMANCE TOO!

When you are ready for a performance critique (designed to help you continue improving your skills) or to strut your stuff on stage there are several different ways to participate in our vocal performance programs - from audio and video recordings to live performance in front of an international audience, all done from the convenience of your home (with a little help from your computer)!

In fact, you can even participate by recording from your shower...if you haven't managed to sing anywhere else just yet! Our point is, if you want to sing for others, we'll help you make it happen.


FAQ: What are Vocal Mechanics and why are they so important?

Don’t let anyone fool you. If you don’t understand how your voice works (Vocal Mechanics) and how to specifically fix what you don’t like...you will never be happy with your voice. 

AND...without understanding vocal mechanics you will never know how to deal with those “bad vocal days.” You know, when you wake up the day of an important performance and for whatever reason (vocal fatigue, lack of sleep, etc.) your voice refuses to behave in top form. 

Fortunately, vocal mechanics can be very easy - if presented in an organized fashion. Follow The Ten Steps to Singing Success™ and build an unshakable vocal foundation.  Both PROFESSIONAL and BEGINNER SINGERS find the step-by-step information refreshing because it doesn't assume knowledge. PROFESSIONALS find specific information they need to conquer their singing challenges and BEGINNERS find the instructions easy to follow. TEACHERS love it because they can assign homework that provides the student information, while still concentrating on execution of those skills during actual face time.

Once you understand how each part of the vocal machine works and what to listen for, you begin applying the information to the song material of your choice. It’s easy. We will show you HOW, conquering one skill at a time. 

Become a SMART singer and you can sing anything!


A2Z Smart Music Academy Registration
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Order directly online with ClickBank's SECURE SERVER. Clickbank is one of the internet's most trusted online retailers specializing in digitally delivered products. Keep in mind that when you use ClickBanks' order form, our staff never has access to your credit card information. ClickBank is one of the most widely used and secure online retailers, so you can be certain that your privacy is respected and your payment details are completely secure.

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The SingSMART, Not Hard™ Vocal Training Method and the Ten Steps to Singing Success™ were created by Vocal Coach Yvonne DeBandi, BME, a Magna Cum Laude graduate from Florida State University's esteemed School of Music. Have a question about something you see or want to talk anything else about singing? ONLINE CAMPUS: Contact her through the Academy Help Desk (link in your student registration area). On the Virtual Campus, her office and personal training studio is on the first floor of the A2Z Smart Music Academy™ Virtual Building. Turn right down the hall after entering the reception area. Not a student yet? Visit her on Facebook.