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When you SingSMART™, Singing is Easy...

and Singing is Easy when you follow the TEN STEPS to SINGING SUCCESS™

Step-by-Step Singing LessonsWhat are the 10 Steps to Singing Success ™?

The Ten Steps are an easy learning process . By following this ten step process you will become a SMART singer, a singer that can sing any song, any style, any time. Avoid vocal blowout, laryngitis and all other singing troubles by understanding what YOU are doing to cause them in the first place. Learn to make simple adjustments in your technique to avoid them from happening again.

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"Imagine...instead of being limited by vocal challenges, you can perform freely with technical and stylistic confidence, limited only by your own creativity and imagination."

Vocal Coach Yvonne DeBandi, BME
Creator of the SingSMART, Not Hard Vocal Training Method
and Ten Steps to Singing Success Vocal Training Tools

HOW TO SING in 10 Easy Steps

The SingSMART™ Music Academy provides HUNDREDS of singing lessons and vocal exercises. Each singing step you see below is explained in easy detail. Take the fast route and use the QuickStart Singing Lessons or learn everything you ever wanted to know about singing by studying each lesson in detail.
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HOW TO SING STEP 01 - Preparation
Tuning the mind, body and spirit.

Singing is as much a mental and emotional activity as it is a physical one. In this Singing Step you will learn how to analyze your body and find those personal actions that continually sabotage your performance.

How well do you know your vocal instrument?


HOW TO SING STEP 02 - Airflow
Breathing for Singing.

If you have ever studied singing in any capacity, then somewhere along the way you have heard how important breathing is to singing, but did you really learn the HOW or WHY?

Are you using your body's power source to breathe life into your instrument?

Register for the Academy to gain access to all of the singing lessons or DOWNLOAD STEP-BY-STEP BREATHING LESSONS for Singing now:  The most detailed and effective lessons on breathing for singing you will find - and all at an affordable price! The links below will open a new window and offer immediate singing lessons downloads for one low fee.

HOW TO SING STEP 03 - Tone Creation
Best Tone for Least Effort.

It's very simple. If you are struggling to sing a note, any note, you are working way too hard to sing. YOUR VOICE is designed to easily create every single pitch, and we will teach you HOW and WHY.

Can you sing every note without struggling?


Diaphragm Strength, Flexibility & Stamina.

Your diaphragm is a muscle. Using it efficiently when singing will help you sing longer notes and phrases, sing more easily (especially on higher notes) and is vital to the process if you want to avoid vocal blowout.

Can you sing for hours without losing your voice?

HOW TO SING STEP 05 Resonation
Giving Life to your Vocal Tone

Have you ever noticed that some singers have beautiful tones that carry across the room, while others have a tone that kind of falls flat, falls short, and just doesn't have any energy or life?

Does your singing tone have audience members mesmerized?

HOW TO SING STEP 06 Tone Placement
Learn to "Steer" the Vocal Machine.

Tone Placement is the art of placing the resonating frequencies where you want them, making singing easy!

Are you actively steering your vocal tones in the right direction or are you crashing, cracking and burning?


Putting the Triple Threat Technique into Full Action.

Singers have so many more options than they realize. You can find your signature voice by observing, identfying and adjusting your actions.

Are you making SMART choices when you sing?
Not making a choice is still making a choice!

HOW TO SING STEP 08 Signature Sound - Mastering and Defining Your Style.

Every voice is unique, just like every fingerprint. This is because each of us have vocal cords and resonating cavities that are uniquely shaped and sized. Learn how to use your personal vocal machine to your advantage!

Have you discovered your signature voice?

HOW TO SING STEP 09 Vocal Performance
Performance Power and Visual Impression.

This singing step concentrates on how to best share your vocal gifts with an audience, no matter what the audience size or the venue.

Do your performances get you standing ovations?

HOW TO SING STEP 10 Vocal Maintenance
Use it Well or Lose it.

As you may have guessed by reading above, singing involves multi-tasking with muscle involvement. Like any sport or activity involving physical fitness, it is important to exercise your skills to maintain the elite level. This method makes vocal maintenance easy and fun, not a mundane and boring chore!

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Academy Registration & Membership - Learn More (Monthly Fees - Work Directly with an Expert Coach)
Singing Lessons Download - Download a Course and Start Now (One Time Fee - Teach Yourself to Sing)